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Here is more detail about the four elements that we have identified:

  • Content layout;
    • How simple or complex should your website be?
    • Do you have a great deal of content that needs to be immediately available for the user?
    • Should your site be primarily visual or primarily textual?
  • Color and style elements;
    • Color and style elements reflect the "feel" of your website, should it be warm and inviting, business-like and factual, or somewhere in between?
    • Should a basic user find it easy to navigate, or should it be designed for a more sophisticated user that can find his or her way around?
    • Do you have existing style guides that need to be matched, or will the website be made up of distinct elements that can have a style of its own?
  • Typography;
    • Font and paragraph styles contribute to readability and visual appeal. They should be a reflection of the style guides of the company, or can be the foundation for the development of new style guides.
    • Content density is a measure of how much information can be found on each web page, and is a function of typography.
  • Functionality or purpose;
    • Will your website be used primarily to convey information to an informed user?
    • Will your website be used to market your product or your company to new or current customers?
    • Will your website be used as a hub for internal and external registered users?
    • Will your website be used as a hub for internet sales?

These are all questions that our design team will help you answer so that you can have a website that meets your current and future needs.

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